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We supply original Nitcore chargers, USB cables, wall chargers, car chargers and Multi-Slot chargers with LCDs to power up your electronic cigarette batteries to the max.

You will need a lithium-ion battery charger if you have mod e cigarettes motivated by Li-battery . Vapor Lah!™ offer safe and durable lithium-ion battery chargers with 2-slot or 4 slot versions. You can charger several batteries at the same time.

E Cigarette AC-USB adapter or a car adapter, an item which making charging more convenient, you will certainly need it as an e-cig smoker. Vapor Lah!™ offer AC-USB adapter and car adapter with max current 500mAh, 100mAh and 2000mAh. Get them with best price.

E-Cigarette USB charger is an necessary spare part for a regular e smoker. Vapor Lah!™ offer USB chargers at top brands including Heypower, Innokin, Joyetech and Kangertech, USB cable, Battery Connector,

With an e-cigarette adapter/connector, you can use batteries and atomizers of different threads together. In other situations, atomizer cone is needed to work with atomizer head. Vapor Lah!™ offers e cig adapters including eCab-510, 510-ego, 510-901, 510-401 etc.

An electronic cigarette starter kit generally comes with an USB cable or power cable. If you do not have it, you can get it as a spare part from Vapor Lah!™. Check product introduction carefully before you buy.

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  1. Nitecore D4 - LCD Intellicharger - Battery Charger Nitecore D4 - LCD Intellicharger - Battery Charger

    NITECORE D4 Charger with LCD Intellicharger

    The Nitecore D4 universal smart charger compatible with most 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, it has 4 plug types so you don't need to have different types of chargers anymore.

    Regular Price: $48.80

    Special Price $25.60

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